Bathroom Renovations Mentone

Planning your Bathroom Renovations Mentone?

If yes, it’s important that you explore some common mistakes so that you end up with an amazing and functional bathroom. 

We have listed these common mistakes right below. 

Read ahead… 

Shower position 

How many times has it happened that you tried to turn on the tap and turn on the shower instead and get wet? Almost every day? It is crucial to place the shower accurately. Most of the time, people decide to locate shower and tap control valves right below the shower. In case you turn on or off the wrong valve, it will be a bit uncomfortable. 

And, some people locate the valves too far from the shower that when they are taking a shower, they have to walk to the valve over and over again. 

Some people keep the shower head towards the wall, which is the worse you can do to the walls. Steam or water droplets from the shower will make the walls store moisture. This is the pure indication of damage. Your walls will be damaged, and you might need to fix them by the professionals.

Some people don’t provide enough room for shower water. It means you first have to get into the shower room, quickly close the door and then turn on the shower so that no water gets out. This is terrible. The best way to prevent these issues is to hire the professionals of Bathroom Renovations Mentone. They will measure each corner and consider the perfect location for the shower and at what distance the door must be installed so that you don’t face any issue. 

Poor lighting 

Some people don’t pay attention to the lighting of the bathroom. Some people think that it’s a private space so that less light would work perfectly. This is the biggest mistake one could ever make with a bathroom renovation. You need the same amount of lighting in the bathroom as any other place in your home.   

In case you are choosing dim lighting for your bathroom to save on the electricity bill, go for LEDs which consume less electric power than another lighting system. 

You can also choose oyster lights which look marvellous in the bathroom. You can also go for makeup lights installed right around the vanity mirror.   

No adequate storage 

You need enough space in the bathroom. There could be a few things that you would like to keep in your bathroom, such as soap, towel, bathrobe, beauty products etc. It’s not good to put everything on the shelves. Having a huge vanity space is the best way to keep things covered and make your bathroom look spacious and clean. So go for enough vanity space and get the luxurious look in your bathroom. 


These mistakes explanation will prevent you from making big mistakes with your Best Bathroom Renovations Brighton. So make sure you renovate your bathroom or home the right way with the help of a leading renovation company. The experts would have enough experience to help you build the best bathroom.   

Hire one today.

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