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Its an undeniable fact that everyone is going to age and lose their ability one day so, it is better to plan for the future while renovating or building a home. Everyone wants peaceful and comfortable years during their senior life. Hence, it requires little modification in the house such as bathroom, living room and many more. 

Installing grabs rails, medical curtain track, shower seat and other healthcare equipment can be a good addition if you have a senior or handicapped family member at your home. Especially toilet and bathroom are the areas that needs more attention because, its private area so, installing grab rails and other support equipment can help those old age people to stand and function their work on their own.

Below are some useful tips that can be used for remodelling a bathroom that is best suitable for old age as well as all age family member.

  •         Prefer adding shower rails for the elder.
  •         Install bath tub bars for elders
  •         Install hand rails for the commode areas.

·         You can use hospital curtain track with light curtains instead of doors

medical curtain track


How to select the location for installation of grab rails:

Grab rails can be a great support for the old age and handicap person as it offers the support while standing and sitting with flexible movement. Toilets, bathroom and bathtub are the areas where grab rails are mostly required. Grab rails can be installed anywhere depending upon your usage; It can be also installed in the bedroom, other rooms and the doorways.

Other than installation, there are many factors to be considered to ensure the safety of old people:

  1. Avoid keeping floors damp as it could lead to slipping and cause an accident.
  2. Prefer anti-slip bath mats in the bathroom while remodelling.
  3. Have non-slip chairs for showering and other purposes in the bathroom.
  4. Always have good lighting in the bathroom so, the old people can see things clearly.
  5. Install curtains in the bathroom to avoid locking bathroom doors so, you can help your old family member in case of an accident.
  6. Install an emergency alarm in the bathroom that is easy to reach in case of urgency.
  7. Prefer installing grab bars in the first and last step of the stairs for safety so, in case of any slip accident, grab rails can prevent falling down from the stairs.
  8. Have stairs with anti-slip GID tapes.

Bottom Line: If you have decided to install grab rails at your home then you must check the wall, floor and ceiling condition for ensuring future safety. Grab rails should be chosen by considering the person weight and also check the diameter whether it is easy to grip and hold. Prefer non-corrosive material and the material you are comfortable that doesn’t slip and has a better grip. You can easily find the grab rail, medical curtain rails and other accessories from the healthcare equipment store.

Hope you found our blog useful, share your thoughts and ideas for the safety of senior citizens in the comment section. Share this article with your friends and colleagues.

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