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If you are familiar with wood blinds New York, you already know they are often a significant part of a room’s aesthetic. Not only are they typically big and colourful, but they also control how much light enters the room, influencing the overall mood. 

As a result, the simple blind has a significant impact on the overall appearance of your home, perhaps unintentionally. The last thing any aspiring homeowner needs is to invest in blinds that don’t meet their standards in terms of appearance and functionality.

Follow the below tips to ensure you don’t make the same blunders:

 1)Choosing an untrustworthy company

When it comes to blinds, the most common mistake is purchasing from an untrustworthy source. The internet is full of tempting low-cost deals, but you’ll most likely end up spending more money in the long run when your low-quality blinds fail after a few months. To ensure that you obtain a high-quality, long-lasting product, make sure you are purchasing from a trustworthy business with a high customer satisfaction rate and a skilled staff.

2)Choosing a colour/style that doesn’t fit the interior

We all like to think of ourselves as interior design experts, but the truth is that some people are naturally gifted in this field. When people buy blinds, one of the most common errors we see is that they select a colour and design that, once mounted, does not fit the rest of the interior.

vertical blinds NY

This can completely detract from the overall appearance of the room. We strongly advocate selecting a company that provides free skilled home visits. The expert will analyse your room and windows and make recommendations on the best blinds for your house. Alternatively, to get a better idea of how your blinds would look in your house, use our handy Design Space tool.

3)Choosing the same blind for every room

This may seem to be a good idea or a simpler choice at the time, but don’t get caught. Why should your blinds be all the same? It’s tedious! Why not add a little spice to each room in your home, which has its own theme, personality, and distinct style? You will not be disappointed, I assure you. Even if it’s just adjusting the colour or pattern, it’ll make a big difference.

4)Not getting the right sized blinds

When it comes to blinds, size matters. To ensure that your blinds look and function properly, they must precisely fit the dimensions of your windows. Measuring by an inexperienced person can be unreliable at times. We suggest going with a business that provides a free, skilled measuring service. Not only will a professional come to you and accurately measure your blinds, but you’ll also get your finished product from the same business, giving you peace of mind that your blinds will match your window or door perfectly.


You can hire a contractor in case you’re confused. Asking your family or friends for Vertical Blinds NY recommendations is a great way to learn which brands are worth your money.

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