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There’s absolutely no sugarcoating the situation, blocked drains are nasty. Not only is it a huge problem in the household, but blocked drains Adelaide are downright disgusting and encourage an odor-inducing problem for everyone.

It’s an inconvenience that every homeowner will experience at least once in their life and if you don’t sort it out soon, there’s a chance it’ll bring some health issues along with them on the ride too. 

When a drain cleaner like baking soda or a DIY drain snake just won’t cut it, here’s what you need to learn to fix the problem for good. 


  • Boiling Water

The easiest solution for unblocking a drain is to pour boiling water into the blocked drain. Warm water helps to loosen and dissolve blockages, particularly when they have been caused by a build-up of grease. 

Make sure you only pour boiling water into pipes made of ceramic or metal, and not PVC. PVC can actually be warped and melted by extreme heat. Also, make sure you wear gloves so as to avoid being burned by splashback.


  • Baking Soda And Vinegar

This is one of the oldest treatments for a range of household problems. Baking soda reacts with the high acidity of vinegar to produce a powerful chemical transformation.

baking soda and vinegar

The mixture can be used for difficult build-ups, so it usually provides an amazing solution for drains blocked up by grease, food, and other materials. 


  • Caustic Chemical Cleaner

Often, we go straight to this way if we just want a quick fix. There are various brands of caustic cleaners that you can find in your supermarket, as well as some stronger cleaners available in hardware stores. 

These solutions use strong chemicals that are harmful to us and the environment, so you have to be careful when using them or you should also try to avoid using them very often.


  • Plunger

This is a common method of unblocking all types of blocked drains in Adelaide and is particularly good for solid build-ups that need to be dislodged, rather than dissolved. A plunger works by creating a seal around the drain and then compressing the air to build up pressure. 

The sudden change in pressure is enough to dislodge accumulations of hair or food. This is very cheap and can be used again and again – you don’t have to buy more chemicals for each new blockage.


  • Plumber’s Snake

A plumber’s snake is a good device that is mostly associated with professional use, but you can buy them easily from your local hardware store. Basically, it is a snake-like cable that you insert into the drain. 

There is a rotating coil at the end of the cable. When spinning, the coil breaks down built up material and physically removes the blockage. 


Drains don’t usually block up overnight. It’s always a slow build up over time. So, make sure that you are vigilant about your drain maintenance and clean your pipes on a regular basis. 

Doing the above steps will save you the worry of needing to use more drastic measures later on. Now you know how to fix blocked drains Adelaide, make sure you keep it unblocked. If you don’t want to take a risk to do DIY then it’s good to call a professional plumber to save time.

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