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The beauty of the property starts with having the right landscape in the home. That is what the guest or the people who visit your home would have a glance at – the landscape of your home. To up your landscape game, the space that would help you the most is looking out for the trends. The Landscaper Melbourne is the one show that can help you with knowing the latest trends.

After being aware of the trends you have to take the help of Melbourne Landscape Architects to make the dream landscape a reality.

Here are some of the trends that you can look out for in the upcoming time.

1. Low Maintenance Gardens

You lead a hectic life, so it’s understandable that you’d prefer to rest in the garden than labour in it. With this purpose in mind, low-maintenance gardens are created that don’t demand hours of hard work but nevertheless give you the impression of being in your own private sanctuary. The contemporary, minimalist style of hardscapes (think paving and decking) that turn any outside space into a ready-made leisure area is the most common manifestation of this trend.

This, combined with built-in level variations, allows for natural seating alternatives and irrigation-watered raised garden beds (another time-saving measure).

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2. Crazy Paving

Crazy pavement, also known as random paving, can be used in your landscape to create a one-of-a-kind feature. Scattered chunks of stone, such as bluestone or sandstone, can be utilised as garden steppers for paths, pool surrounds, feature walls, or as part of driveway designs. Plant a robust ground cover in between the paving stones instead of grout to soften the hardscapes and make the garden and pathway flow.

3. Curved Walls

Curves contribute to the biophilic design concept, which tries to infuse nature into our constructed environment by instantly creating softness. Curves provide a bespoke piece of architecture that may be adjusted to embrace its beauty and are suitable for various types of architectural and interior styles. With curves generally designed to lessen the impression of a building and help it blend into the surrounding landscape, fluid architecture adds appeal to a landscape’s look.

4. Outdoor Living Spaces

Improvements might begin with something as simple as outdoor living space design. Begin with high-end outdoor furniture and clever outdoor kitchens, then on to practical daybeds, outdoor bathrooms, and sunken couches. These characteristics, according to several landscape designers in Perth, have become the standard rather than the exception in many markets.

Outdoor spaces have always been popular, but your next-door neighbours will be asking you over to show off their cutting-edge house addition. Outdoor rooms are similar to interior rooms in terms of utility, and the trend is growing as more households prefer to spend time outside in the fresh air.

5. Vertical Green Screens

Green screens are visually appealing and will draw the viewer’s attention upwards, giving the impression of grandeur. Living green walls can add instant shade, privacy, and a good mood to any space. Landscaping companies Melbourne around use plants that are compact and have all-year appeal, such as low-maintenance perennials with colour pops.

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