air conditioner installation Melbourne

We all seek a comfortable life filled with amenities and accessibilities. It has been seen and proven that we tend to function or work efficiently when the environment around us is filled with an ambient and pleasant temperature.

Therefore, when we talk about amenities, selecting an air conditioner that is energy-efficient is necessary.

But before you go for the Air Conditioner Installation Melbourne, let us understand the basics of Air conditioner in detail.

Basics of Air conditioning systems: 

A typical Evaporative Air Conditioning Melbourne functions like a refrigerator. Its units are filled with the Freon gas, and then it is further compressed and heated.

Freon gas needs external coils to run throughout its use to dissipate the heat. As soon as it cools down, it starts to get condensed and finally turns into a liquid state.

For gas to have low pressure, it requires to pass through an expansion valve, then only the allowance starts. Again, the same way the low-pressure gas passes through the set of internal coils and finally starts generating the cooling effect.

Let’s discuss other basic functions:


As the name suggests, Dehumidifiers aim to work from humidity. Dehumidifiers absorb the moisture that is present in the air, and then this water is used in cooling the unit.

Then the extraction is done by the hose, or it can also be done by reusing it as a cooling agent.


Filtration is done by the filter paper fit inside the system, which sucks the air and collects the particles present in the air.

The particles could be of any mode or size. Filtration depends on the size of the filters. The most common particles to be filtered are spores, pollen and dust.

How to decide?

If your home is located in an area or region where you are likely to experience extreme heat and cold then it is advisable for you to go with an air conditioner with high ratings in the market with good unit functions like a good quality ducted air conditioning system.

But, if you belong to a temperate region then you might not need to look for the best ratings but definitely look for an efficient unit that is functional irrespective of the seasonal changes or different climatic conditions.

Different types of air conditioners:

  • Refrigerated type air conditioning
  • Evaporative air conditioners
  • Reverse cycle air conditioning
  • Breeze power systems
  • Inverter type air conditioning

In short,

Before you go for a particular type, remember a good quality unit matters more than the type. You will find high rated units more expensive because they charge you for their efficiency.

They might be expensive for you initially, but in most cases, in the long run, they pay back with good quality and durable performance.

If this information was helpful for you as a part of your research then you can proceed with air conditioner installation Melbourne to enjoy your summer.

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