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We all want our homes to be clean and tidy. Keeping them in this state can be challenging, especially when you have other things to deal with. That’s why we offer to get The end of lease cleaning Adelaide service will ensure that your home is spotless before you move out. And it doesn’t matter if you live in a unit or something bigger like an apartment or house, we can take care of everything!

## Kitchen surfaces

You can expect the following areas to be cleaned in your kitchen:

  • Kitchen bench tops, including appliances and cupboards. This includes removing all items from the bench top and cleaning it thoroughly to ensure there are no food scraps or dirt left behind. You should be able to use this space for storage immediately after our cleaners have finished cleaning.
  • Sink and taps – Cleaning these areas is essential for a proper home hygiene check as they are often neglected by people who live in flats or houses with shared common spaces such as kitchens, bathrooms, or laundry rooms

## Oven/range hood

You’ll be really pleased to know that we clean ovens and range hoods. This includes the inside of your oven, as well as the outside of it. We also clean your range hood and its fan, filters, grease trap, drain filter and drain.

## Washing machine

After you’ve removed the lint filter, you can begin cleaning your washing machine. Start by removing any clothing or debris that may be blocking the water inlet. Next, clean out all of the detergent drawers and dispensers to remove any remaining soap residue.

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This step is especially important if you were using a powdered detergent because this type tends to leave behind a white residue when it dries. Once finished cleaning these appliances, move on to cleaning the door gasket and outside of the appliance as well!

## Windows and windowsills

When cleaning windows and windowsills, you should use a cloth to wipe down the frame of each window. Be sure to get all of the dirt, grime and other debris off of them. For screens, you should use a screen cleaner spray or a clean rag that has been saturated in water. To keep your window sills looking good and shining like new, we recommend using furniture polish or another product that will help get rid of any dirt or stains on them after they’ve been cleaned by our cleaners!

## Walls and ceilings

The walls and ceilings of your property should be cleaned to remove any stains, marks, or dust. If you have a ceiling fan in your home we will also ensure that it’s clean. Any cobwebs throughout the house should be removed as well.

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It is a common misunderstanding that you can get your bond back if the property is left in an acceptable condition. This is not true, and it’s important to make sure you hire a professional cleaning company that offers bond-back guarantees before signing any contract. When hiring a professional cleaning company for end-of-lease cleaning Adelaide service, make sure they offer a bond back guarantee as well as other insurance policies like public liability insurance or workers compensation cover.


We strongly recommend that you hire the services of a professional cleaning company that offers a bond back guarantee. This way, you can be sure that all your deposits will be returned to you if there are no damages. After all, hiring an end-of-lease cleaning service to clean these areas takes longer, but reputable cleaners do it anyway so you don’t have to worry about your bond money.

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