venetian blinds Melbourne

Do you want to clean your Timber Venetian Blinds Melbourne?

If yes, we have the best suggestions and methods for you. 

So get your cleaning clothes out and follow the below. 

Remove dust with a dry and gentle cloth 

The quickest and easiest way to remove dust from Venetian is to use a soft and dry cloth. Just close the slats and wipe all the dust out. Make sure that you use microfiber cloth as it has tiny pores which attract dust particles and gives you an easy cleaning experience. By using any ordinary cloth would leave the dust and dirt behind. So microfibre is the best option. 

You can also find a Timber Venetian blind cleaner in the market that is specially made for this purpose. The cleaner has multiple cleaning rollers, which are made of microfiber and collect the dust from each part of the Venetian.    

Whether you are using the tool or microfibre cloth for cleaning, ensure you use it horizontally to avoid damaging the Venetians.  

Get rid of stubborn marks with a damp cloth

No matter how hard you clean, there still will be some stains that will not come out. Instead of rubbing the stain aggressively, damp your cleaning cloth a bit and then try removing it. Wood can easily be cleaned with a damp cloth. So you don’t have to put in any extra efforts. Just damp the cloth and see the stains vanishing in no time. You can also find special cleaning liquid for Venetians. Using that would be a great idea as well.  

Cleaning faux blinds 

Faux wood is easier to clean than the original wood. This is because of the material. Faux wood is made of 100% PVC, which prevent dust and dirt to stay on the surface. Even if you have dirty Venetians, just dip your cloth in the mixture of water and detergent or a Venetian cleaner and use it to clean. Never use a brush on your blinds, ever as it can leave scratches and marks on the Venetians. 

How to clean Venetians with a vacuum cleaner? 

Do you have a vacuum cleaner with a soft brush attachment? If yes, cleaning Venetians with that would be easy. However, you have to make sure that you don’t use too much powerful vacuum cleaner because it can damage the slats and lead them to fall down. 

Just open the Venetian, take slat in one hand, and slowly run the brush over it. Repeat this on each side, and if you need to reach up, use a strong stool or ladder. 

You can also take the entire Venetian down and start cleaning it carefully. 

That’s how you clean your Venetians without damaging them. 

Even if you have bought the most expensive and high-quality Timber Venetian Blinds Melbourne, the only way to increase their life is by cleaning them regularly. 

So make sure you clean your Venetians regularly and don’t use any harsh cleaning agent. The harsh cleaning agents can damage the surface of the Venetians. 

Get your Venetians cleaned now! 

If you don’t have any, shop for one today.  

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