How to Prepare for a Termite Inspection

Whether you’re looking to buy a home or are worried about the condition of your current one, it’s important to know whether or not you have termites. Termites don’t just attack the wood; they eat away at anything in their path. So if you have a termite inspection Melbourne done by a professional inspector, there are some steps that should be taken before this happens so that you can avoid costly repairs down the road.

1. Locate the area to be inspected.

  • Determine where you will enter your home, and plan accordingly (e.g., if your crawlspace begins at a wall or if it runs under a stairway).
  • Determine where you will exit the crawlspace if there is one.

2. Access all areas by moving or removing any objects that may prevent termite inspection Melbourne

If you are not sure where the termites are, it is best to leave them alone and not disturb them. However, if you are able to find a group of termites in one area, it is important that you move them away from your home and off-site for treatment. If there are no visible signs of infestation (such as swarmers), then it may mean that the colony is large enough for treatment but still too small for pest inspection Melbourne purposes at this time.

3. Make sure all electric utilities (electricity, gas, water) are turned on.

To ensure that nothing is amiss, it’s also a good idea to check the electrical outlets and gas burners for any loose connections or leaking gas before you make your appointment. You should also check the water pipes and faucets of your home.

Termite Inspection Melbourne

If there are any issues with these items, they will need to be repaired before the inspector can come out.

4. Be aware of any major renovations concerning the home

If you’re planning to move into a home that has been recently renovated, it’s important to know what type of work has been done. For example, if you have a new roof or deck, make sure that the contractor took care of termites Control (and not just treated them). If there is any question about whether or not this project was done properly by the contractor, contact your local pest control company for an inspection.

If your home has been remodelled or renovated within the last few years, try checking out any major renovations concerning your property before accepting an offer on it so that no surprises come up later down the road!

Follow these steps to prepare for a successful termite inspection.

  • Know your inspector.
  • Ask questions and be prepared to answer them honestly but politely.
  • Be sure the inspector has all of their necessary documentation before the inspection begins—this includes a signed copy of their license and insurance policy, as well as a resume listing any previous experience in this field or other related fields (i.e., pest control).
  • It’s also important that they have access to all areas being inspected at all times during the termite inspection Melbourne process so they can verify conditions inside each home or building where pests may be present with cameras and other equipment beforehand as well as afterwards if necessary.


Now you are ready to start a termite inspection. The best way to prepare for the inspection is by being aware of any renovations that may be taking place in your house and making sure all utilities are turned on prior to visiting the inspector. We hope this article was informative and helpful!

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