Kids Occupational Therapy Adelaide

Are you concerned about your child’s motor skills? If so, occupational therapy might be able to help. Every child deserves to have the best quality of life, and parents want what’s best for their kids as well. In fact, Kids Occupational Therapy Adelaide wide can provide benefits in many different areas of life, and this article will discuss five of them. Don’t wait another day – your child’s future depends on it!

1) Sensory Play

The things you think are just fun for your child may actually be helping their development. Sensory play is an important part of a child’s development, but children don’t need special toys. They can take items like clothing, food, and common household products and use them in ways that develop sensory skills such as awareness of temperature, size identification and coordination. One great way to do sensory play with kids is to incorporate it into their daily activities.  

2) Handwriting

Handwriting is often overlooked, but its impact on learning should not be. Without it, students are less likely to master reading and spelling concepts in elementary school, which is crucial for success at any stage of education. Children will develop proper writing skills with a little help from occupational therapy. This helps them learn how to write their letters in a way that makes sense visually as well as spatially, making it easier for them to read what they’ve written down later on. When children learn how to write properly early on, they have an easier time mastering other aspects of literacy like reading comprehension and spelling.

Kids Occupational Therapy Adelaide

3) Writing Prompts

Where does your child have fine motor difficulties? Are there certain objects that are particularly challenging for your child to use? Are there any particular tasks that cause stress or frustration in your child? If your child is receiving occupational therapy, what activities and tasks have their therapist been working on with them lately? Why did you decide to take your child to occupational therapy? What do you wish they had done differently when they were a kid so that they wouldn’t need occupational therapy as an adult or older children/teenagers/young adult.

4) Technology Awareness and Balance

Nowadays, kids are spending more time on screens than they are outdoors. While no one’s suggesting you should prevent your child from using technology, it’s crucial that they have a healthy balance in their life. Give them specific time limits for screen time and ensure that all-day activities incorporate physical activity. Encourage your child to engage in sporting activities or other kinds of exercise so they can increase their hand-eye coordination while boosting their creativity and problem-solving skills!

5) Motor Skill Development and Coordination

Getting your child into occupational therapy can help him, or her develop gross motor skills like sitting, standing, walking and even running. With proper occupational therapy training, children with disabilities can learn to move their bodies in a coordinated manner and develop important coordination skills that will benefit them later in life. 

Coordination is defined as the ability to make quick decisions and control bodily movements. This is what helps us walk upstairs, kick a ball through a hoop or simply drive our cars without accidentally smashing into another vehicle. When it comes to kids occupational therapy Adelaide-wide, improving body awareness is of utmost importance.

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