epoxy flake flooring Melbourne

You might have seen epoxy flooring at every public place. epoxy floor coating suppliers Melbourne is widely used among every commercial place because of its durability.  Epoxy coating is used to protect the floor from wear and tear and other damages. To make the flooring project worth it, it’s important to choose the right colours, design and patterns that add value to the property.  Builders use epoxy flooring for sealing and protection. If you want to prolong the life of your flooring, then use epoxy flooring in your construction project.

There are certain things to keep in mind while using epoxy flooring, no doubt its low maintenance and highly durable flooring material, to know about other necessary things about epoxy flooring, keep on reading the blog!

epoxy floor coating suppliers Melbourne

  • Do you know epoxy resins are the reason behind high-durable epoxy coatings?

 Epoxy resins are the basic material for epoxy coating and are used as a core material for quality epoxy formation. The epoxy resins help for smooth finishing and coating to fire-resistant, damage-proof, water-proofing and other facilities.

  • Epoxy coatings are suitable for various surfaces

Epoxy flooring coating can be done on various surfaces and the performance mainly depends on the material used for the substrate. The epoxy coating usually works well with concrete, steel and almost all types of surfaces.  

  • Epoxy resin molecules are impermeable as molecules are cross-linked

Epoxy coatings are highly waterproof and resistant to chemicals and air intrusion. It has the special ability to prevent corrosion and protect concrete surfaces.

  • Epoxy can be combined with other materials for improved performance

Some of the popular epoxy coatings are epoxy amine systems, epoxy sulphide systems, hybrid epoxy systems and many more. it gives a glossy appearance when it is combined with the amine, also it has better adhesive properties and faster curing times.  Epoxy coatings almost work well with every surface even with alkyds and acrylics.

  • Epoxy floorings are perfect for a high-traffic area

Epoxy coatings are best suitable for high-traffic and area and rough use because they are highly durable and can’t be damaged easily even if exposed to hot and cold climates. It is widely used in manufacturing plants, warehouse floors, garages, and many other commercial areas.

  • Epoxy coatings have the best adhesive properties

Epoxy coating has strong adhesive properties hence it can resist the physical loads and keep the surface in good condition for a longer time.

  • Epoxy coatings offer the better fire protection

While some epoxy coatings colour gets pigmented when exposed to extreme heat, it leads to a thick barrier that can help for fire protection.

  • Epoxy coating can lead to health and environmental issues

Epoxy resin contains a compound called bisphenol that is currently risky for health and the environment. The solvent-based epoxy coating contains a high amount of VOC that is harmful to both health and the environment.

Endnote: Epoxy coating has chemical properties but it has also various useful properties that are beneficial for high-traffic areas. It is advised to maintain consistency and viscosity while using Epoxy flooring Melbourne application.

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