Hiring a glass repair company can be quite intimidating. After all, you want to ensure that the company you hire has experience fixing your particular type of glass. You also want to ensure that they will not make any mistakes while repairing your window or door. To help you find the right repair company for your needs, we have outlined some common factors you should consider before Glass Repairs Adelaide.

Dual Pane

Dual pane glass is a type of glass that has two panes of glass with an air space in between. It’s used in windows and doors to improve energy efficiency. Each pane helps keep the heat from escaping during the winter while also reducing cooling costs in summer.

Dual pane glass is also known as insulating glass, or IG, because it helps control temperature swings by reducing heat loss through conduction and convection. In terms of energy savings, IG offers three times more than regular single-pane windows.

Low Emissivity Glass

Low E Glass is a special type of glass with a special coating that helps block heat from escaping your home. Low E Glass is a great way to help keep your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.

Low Emissivity (Low-E) or Thermally Improved Low-E coatings are a class of transparent materials with metallic oxides, which exhibit lower emissivity than their base glass. The emissivities vary between 0.1 and 0.4 (compared to 0.5 for regular clear glass)

Glass Repair

Storm Resilient

Storm Resilient is a new material that can withstand winds of up to 130 mph, and it’s also able to withstand a direct hit from a 2×4 traveling at 60 mph.

It’s made from 100% recycled glass bottles and was developed by scientists at Columbia University.


Decorative glass is a type of glass that is used for decorative purposes. It has a light-reflective coating on the glass’s inside surface, making it look shiny. You can find this type of decorative glass in many places, such as windows, mirrors and other decorative items. The decorative glass comes in different colours and designs, making it suitable for any use or application.

It is important to note that you should not mistake this type of decorative glass with stained or leaded glasses since they have completely different characteristics and features than regular decorative glasses do.


There are many different types of glass that can be used to repair your home. If you want a window that will last for years, you should consider getting a high-quality one. Not only does this type of glass look good, but it also comes with many benefits like being able to keep out heat and cold air from entering your home during the winter months or summer heat waves when temperatures outside rise over 100 degrees Fahrenheit! Consult professionals to know about Glazier Adelaide and other glass repairs.

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