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Many do prefer drinking the water from the tap. But are you aware of the quality of the water from the tap? Not all the impurities or chemicals dissolved in it are visible. The government does make an effort to make the tap water clean but that involves a good amount of chlorine and fluoride which could be a bit of a problem. So, a Water Filter is a vital part of the home, as clean and healthy drinking water is the fundamental part of living.

Installing doesn’t relieve you from the duties of maintaining and keeping a track of if the filter is working properly or not. Often people have set around a year or so time for their water filter maintenance. But does this mean that your filter can be left unattended before the scheduled time?

How to know that your filter is having problems that need immediate attention or it is time to change that water filter? Either of the case diagnosis is necessary. The appliances have their way of conveying their problems just like we have our way of conveying our thoughts. The way these appliances work gradually changes, which are alarm signals for us.

Here are some of these signs

  • The first and most easily recognized sign is a change in the taste of the water. Sometimes you may not feel a sudden change in the water taste but gradually it does change the taste of the water.
  • There is a specific smell of the water that is unclean and unhealthy, it may smell like chlorine. If the filter is not working properly this means that it is unable to get the impurities out of the water. So check when drinking if there is any kind of unpleasant smell in your drinking water.
  • Just like taste and smell one of the easily recognizable signs is the speed of the filtering. One can easily tell the time filter used to take while filling the tank was very less than it is taking now.
  • Water filters do have a minute but smooth sound when filtering the water, have you ever noticed any changes in this sound? If not, start noticing it. When a water filter is broken and needs a repair it makes unpleasant noises making an indication of the problem. If just completed the installation of the water filter still has the noises then the installation was not properly executed. Get it done again and properly this time.
  • Water filters make the drinking water crystal clear giving us a surety of clean water. Broken filters are incapable of doing this. Turbidity of the water can say a lot about the water filter so sometimes when drinking water lifts the glass towards the light and see if you find anything unusual in that glass of water.
  • Taking into consideration the usage of filters per day is very important. Sometimes people do not consider this. For them, it is all about getting the filter maintenance every year and not about getting it done based on the usage. You may end up overusing the filter before scheduling the regular yearly maintenance.

Pro Tip!

One can get a built-in indicator that can indicate to you about the replacement of the water filter, so you can contact the service provider on time.

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