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Do you want a beautiful and the most elegant Pergolas Adelaide? If yes, you are in the right palace.

Follow the below steps to build pergolas at your home backyards:


Pergola can be made of various materials such as metal, but wooden is the material to make a pergola. These can withstand weather and pressure damage and last for years. So make sure which pergola material is perfect for you.


Define the dimensions of your pergola. Then, start to cut the wood. Most of the pergolas are more or less than 10 feet. So cut the support bean and rafter by considering the size in mind and necessary length as well.


After cutting the wood to a required length, it’s time to shape it. You can leave them flat, but curved pergolas look fantastic. You can also go online for design ideas or simply hire the experts of the pergola and Decking Adelaide. The professionals will handle everything for you.

Pergolas adelaide
Pergolas adelaide

Paint and Coat

Apply a weather-protective coat on the cut and shaped wood. You can paint them as well. Most of the paints are either remained normal coloured or painted white. In any case, this is your pergola, and you can use whatever you want with it but coating it is important to make it last for years and protect the pergola from various weather damages.

Post Holes

This is the step where the actual process of pergola making starts to go in different directions. Use metal cores if you are building a pergola on cement to keep it stable. Make holes deep about a foot or two if you are digging into the ground. The depth of the holes may rely on the soil type. Some people choose to dig below the frost line, which is the safest way to make a pergola.


This is an optional part. You can skip it if you want to. You can attempt this step depending on the type of pergola you are building. Some people like notches across the tops of the beams so that the rafters sit down properly. In case you don’t want to do it, simply nail or screw the beams sot that the pergola stands strongly.

Maintain Beams

There are two different ways to put up a pergola. One is to attach everything when the pergola is lying flat on the ground. Make sure to put precise spaces between all support beams and then fasten them to one another. The second method is to stick each support beam in the right hole or metal brace. After that, get on a ladder to join the beams between them. You can pick any of these methods that meet your home improvement requirements.

Fasten Rafters

After tightening and securing your exterior structure, attach the rafter. Slide each rafter into the right spot in case you have cut the notches into the beams. Secure it with screws or nails. Otherwise, position each rafter at the required position and then secure them as well.

So create your personal Pergolas Adelaide with this easy guide.

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