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As beautiful as bluestone pavers can be, they’re not indestructible. They can easily suffer from damage if not treated properly. To help you take care of your bluestone pavers Melbourne and avoid any potential problems, read on! This blog will teach you about the different types of damage bluestone pavers can receive, the best ways to clean them, and other important tips. By following these guidelines, you’ll be able to keep your bluestone pavers looking their best for years to come.

Bluestone pavers are a type of flooring that is made from limestone and other minerals. They are easy to clean, and high-traffic areas such as staircases or hallways are ideal for them. They come in many different colours, so they can be used in any house room. Plus, their natural look is perfect for contemporary or rustic homes.

Things to avoid while cleaning bluestone pavers

Cleaning bluestone pavers can be a daunting task, but it’s important to take care not to damage the surface. To clean them, use a damp cloth and mild soap. Avoid using steel wool, which can scratch the surface. Make sure you dry them completely before applying sealant or wax. Finally, avoid using harsh chemicals or cleaners on bluestone pavers – it will damage the surface.

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How to clean oil and grease stains from bluestone pavers?

Cleaning oil and grease stains from bluestone tiles Melbourne can be a pain, but it’s definitely doable if you have the right tools and techniques. Start by pouring a pot of water onto the stained area to rinse away all traces of soap and scouring powder. Next, dry off the stone area completely before applying sealant or paint if desired. Make sure to blot the stain first with a clean cloth, then pour in the bucket of hot water and scrub until the stain disappears. Finally, clean oil and grease stains from bluestone pavers the easy way with a bucket of hot water and a little soap.

How do clean moss, algae, and lichen from bluestone pavers?

Bluestone pavers are a beautiful addition to any patio or garden, but they can be prone to moss, algae, and lichen over time. If you’re unhappy with the look of these growths, here are a few tips on how to clean them up:

  1. Use vinegar or baking soda to remove the surface layer.
  2. If necessary, scrub the area with a brush.
  3. Rinse the paving stones well after using any cleaning solution, and make sure to dry them off.

What are some other methods for cleaning bluestone pavers?

Bluestone paving stones can be cleaned using various methods, including using a garden hose to spray the stones and then using a mop to scrub them clean, using a stone cleaner such as Clean Stone, or using a bucket of water and a broom.


If you’re looking to add some natural beauty and character to your home, bluestone pavers are an excellent option. However, before you start cleaning them, make sure to do research and use take expert help to prevent other problems. Thanks for reading!

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