outdoor awning blinds Melbourne

We all love arranging parties and dinners with family in the deck, right? But weather conditions often spoil our fun. But don’t worry; there is a solution also – awnings.

When you install outdoor awning blinds Melbourne, you don’t just protect your deck from harsh weather elements but also turn it into a more livable space. Awnings will regulate temperature, protect your deck furniture, and give your outside area an added touch of style.

While awnings come in various styles, there are three main types you should consider for your deck.

  • Retractable Awnings

A retractable awning is the most popular type among homeowners due to its convenience and easy-to-use functionalities. As the name suggests, a retractable awning provides shade to your space and retracts when not in use.

You will find three versions of retractable awnings in the market: manual, electric, and remote-controlled. Some brands also offer advanced sensors in the product, giving you notifications for retraction based on weather conditions.

While retracting awnings offer the best convenience, they are costly, too. Available in multiple fabrics, such as cotton, polyester, canvas, and vinyl-coated, it will protect your deck from dirt and UV rays. For rainy areas, vinyl-coated proves to be best as it provides the utmost protection in heavy rain. Other fabrics are water-resistant in light rain.

outdoor awning blinds Melbourne


  • Fixed Or Stationary Awnings

As the name implies, fixed awnings are canopies attached to a house that doesn’t move. Available in canvas and metal, these awnings require less maintenance.

The cloth cover of the awning needs to be replaced as time passes, as its colour fades due to harsh sun rays. You can choose fixed outdoor awning blinds Melbourne from a variety of styles and sizes and even opt for custom ones to suit your home decor.

There are two major materials used in fixed awnings: metal and polycarbonate. Metal lasts long, but it absorbs and transfers heat to your deck. And it can rust and dent also. On the other hand, polycarbonate offers decent durability and blocks UV rays and heat entering your deck.

  • Portable Awnings

If you want to protect your deck but have a limited budget, then portable awnings are the best choice. There are three popular varieties of portable awnings: canopies, umbrellas, and freestanding styles.

A canopy is a tent-type awning, protecting from harsh sun rays. It covers a large shade and offers a dual awning system. An umbrella is a more casual solution, widely accepted as patio awnings. It is the best option for rain protection as they are highly water-resistant.

A freestanding awning is more suitable for arranging lunches in large openings as it can be installed without having to mount onto a wall. And it comes with sturdy frames, so you can count on it for the best durability.


Awnings are the best way to turn your deck into a convenient living space you can enjoy all year round. They are an essential investment for your furniture’s durability and house’s exterior aesthetics.

Whether retractable, fixed, or portable – choosing the right outdoor awning blinds Melbourne will depend on your budget and local weather conditions. Keep the size, colour, and angle in mind when installing one.

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