tree trimming Melbourne

The tools required for tree trimming Melbourne depend on the size of the tree and its location. A slope-side house, which is a house that’s built into the side of a hill, requires different equipment than an in-ground pool.

 But no matter what kind of job you’re doing or where it is located, there are some essential tools that every homeowner should have in his or her garage:

  • Tree Pole Pruner

If you are planning for tree trimming Melbourne in the upcoming days, you will need a tool that can help you trim the branches of trees up to 6 inches in diameter.

The best tool for this is the tree pole pruner. It has handles made of aluminium and it can be used to trim branches up to 20 feet high. 

The tree pole pruner is made of steel and has an ergonomic design that makes it easy for you to use it every day without any problem. This tool also comes with a blade guard so that you do not hurt yourself when using it on your trees.

  • Pole Saw (Curved):

A pole saw is a saw that is mounted on a long pole, usually made of fiberglass or steel. The saw’s blade is mounted to the pole so that the blade can be extended and retracted. 

This makes it easy for you to reach high branches without having to climb up your ladder. It also allows you to trim trees with very large trunks that are not accessible from the ground.

  • Lawn Mower

Lawn mowers are a must-have for any landscaper or gardener. A lawn mower is used to easily cut grass, and they come in all shapes, sizes and colours. 

The most popular type of lawn mower is gas-powered; however, manual push reel mowers are also available if you prefer not having to deal with gas or electric cords that can be difficult to maneuver around when trimming trees.

Mulching blade: A mulching blade is specially designed to chop up clippings into tiny pieces that decompose quickly into nutrients for your lawn once they fall back down onto the soil surface. 

This helps improve soil quality over time without having to remove clippings from your yard every time you mow your grass!

  • Pressure Washer

A pressure washer is the first tool you will need to trim your trees. The pressure washer is used to clean the tree and the lawn around it. It can also be used to clean up after a storm or any other time you need to get rid of dirt and debris on your property.

 If you don’t have one already, it would be worth investing in one so that when it comes time for trimming trees and cleaning out around them, you’re equipped with everything necessary for completing this task effectively.



The above-listed tools are the most important ones to use when tree trimming Melbourne your tree. You can also choose to use other tools, but these are the most commonly used ones and should be enough for you to get started with.

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