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Have you been thinking about getting a Magnetic Name Badge? These days, all of your employees are wearing it in the form of their employee ID badge which hangs around their necks. If your company is still requiring that ID badge, it should be something you’re thrilled about.

They are among the cooler things a business owner can order for their employees. Consider how many name badges did you own? If you’re trying to get more of them through your organization, magnetic ones are a great idea. They make it easy for your employees to write on the badges too which means they won’t be dirty all the time. That is, if one has your organizational logo.If you have the funds to handle a fancy name badge, that’s great to have. 

What Are Magnetic Name Badges?

A Magnetic Name Badge is a non-removable, name-tag-shaped piece of cloth with iron oxide in the fabric. When you walk into a meeting room or stand in front of something you want to say, place the iron oxide against an electromagnetic bar and it will attach to the person next to you or flat against a surface nearby. Commonly used in business settings and warehouses, name badges are also popular as a prop for photographers as well as filmmakers.  

Magnetic name badges can be glued to a piece of paper back and then attached with magnets to the clothes of photographers or covered forms as props. Once starch is pressed into the fabric, provide high-quality rich durable wrinkle barrier performance against fading and daily wear and tear exposure. Another way of handling card printing, is to obtain a PDF file of your image and print that on the back of the name badge itself in an as large format. 

Magnetic Name Badges

Why should you get a magnetic name badge?

Magnetic Name Badges are a necessary part of today’s busy life. As people become more tech-savvy they find it easier to come up with the idea that they need a break from constant email and texts and personal devices. Magnetic name badges allow their wearer to turn off their cell phone, computer, or even tablet at work. Due to their well-chosen design, the name badges obviate the need for yet another compartment embedded in their wallets. They can get them online at a reasonable price and wear it for many years as long as you do not wear it through rough wear. 

Are There Any Drawbacks?

Simply put, a magnetic name badge is more convenient than any other option. The thin point of the magnetic strip provides an easily read code that is easy to use when you are working on a computer. It is also easier to keep track of where your badge has fallen and how many people you have in your work space. Other options sell for more money, so if you are a fan of magnetic name badges, then you will not be disappointed.


One reason to use Magnetic Name Badges is the fact that they are very helpful and provide many benefits. By using one, it makes it easier for instructional staff to identify their students. Furthermore, everyone is able to know their names more quickly because they don’t have to ask around and wait for an answer. These types of badges made workers feel more comfortable while being poked at in order to learn more about the prospect .


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