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It’s true: The weather can affect your roof. Some of these effects may be obvious. Others, however, you may never have considered. Let’s take a look at ways the weather can affect your home’s most important structural element. its recommended to consult Roof Restoration Mornington Peninsula professionals before the roofing situation gets worse.

  • Rain

The most obvious way that rain can affect your home or business is through its ability to damage the materials used in construction of your home or building. In particular, shingle roofs are prone to deterioration due to moisture seeping into their crevices where they were installed onto rafters over time—and this makes them an easy target for mold growth as well as other types of fungi which thrive in such conditions (1). If left unchecked long enough then these fungi will begin attacking other parts within those same structures; one example being dryer vents because they often run directly underneath where shingles were once attached.

  • Snow

Snow is a big concern for homeowners and roof owners, but it’s not always as simple as shoveling off your roof. Snow can be a serious threat to the integrity of your home if you’re not prepared for it.

Snow accumulation on the roof can weigh down the structure and cause damage over time; this happens especially when there is little ventilation in cold climates, which are common in areas with harsh winters 

Snow melting into water causes ice dams around gutters where runoff drains away – these blockages cause significant damage by pooling up underneath shingles/siding materials until they leak into either basements/ crawlspaces underneath houses; therefore causing extensive water damage due to flooding within homes.

  • Wind

Wind is the most common cause of damage to roofs, and it can be caused by a number of factors. The most obvious is high winds, which can blow shingles off your roof or even cause a tornado. But wind isn’t just a problem in storms—it can also be damaging if your house is located near water or if you live in an area with strong winds.

High winds are often the culprit behind the lifting, curling, cracking, tearing and warping of shingles seen on so many roofs around the country.

  • Hail

Hail is one of the most common types of weather-related damage to roofs. Hail can cause serious damage to a roof, including leaks and shingles coming loose. Additionally, it can cause shingles to break, curl or crack as well. If you see any signs that hail may have hit your house recently, be sure to contact a professional right away!

  • Air Pressure

Air pressure is caused by a difference in the pressure of the atmosphere. Air pressure can also create leaks around your roof and cause water damage. For example, if you have a flat roof with an air conditioner or other appliance on it, then you might notice that your ceiling is wet when it rains. This happens because of the difference in air pressure between inside and outside of your home.

The most common way for air to get into your attic is through vents on soffits (the part of siding that sticks out over windows and doors). You can check this by looking at where they meet together at corners; if they don’t touch tightly together then there may be an opening for cold air to leak inside during winter months causing condensation problems as well as water damage due to freezing temperatures outside during cold season months where there isn’t enough insulation between surfaces like shingles or tiles.

Weather can affect your roof!

The most common problem is a leak. This can be caused by ice dams, which are built up during freezing temperatures. As the snow melts it trickles down and pools at the bottom of your roof, where it freezes again as temperatures drop overnight. The ice builds up on your roof until it reaches its melting point—at which point it breaks off and falls onto whatever’s below!


The roof is one of the most important parts of your home. Therefore, it is imperative that you be aware of how weather can affect it so that you can protect your home and its value. hire Roof Restoration Mornington Peninsula company to prevent costly repairs and issues in future.

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