small bathroom renovations melbourne

When it comes to small bathroom renovations Melbourne is a challenge, but they don’t have to be a nightmare. If you’re looking for ideas to make your tiny bathroom more functional and comfortable, we’ve got them. From installing recessed shelving to repurposing an old dresser, here are six small-bathroom design ideas that will help you get started on your next remodel—and save tons of space in the process:

Go With Open Shelving

Open shelving is a great choice for a small bathroom, as it allows you to display decorative items and also store towels and other bathroom items that you use frequently.

Before placing an open shelf above your sink, consider the placement of your mirror. If it’s too close, then the shelf will block your view of yourself in the mirror (instead of just cutting off part of your head), which could create some unwanted discomfort during grooming. If you don’t want to adjust where your mirror is hanging, try adding an offsetting piece between the shelf and its bottom edge so that they’re not flush. This way there’s still enough space for comfortable grooming without any weird reflections or distortions messing up how things look in front of them!

Swap Your Shower Curtain For A Door

To swap your shower curtain for a door, you will need to remove the old one and install a new one. This can be done by hand or with the help of an installer.

If you do it yourself, make sure to follow these steps:

  • Measure the width of your doorway to ensure that the new shower door will fit and look like it belongs there (e.g., if you have an arched doorway instead of a square one).
  • Take measurements from floor to ceiling so that you can purchase a door that fits perfectly within those dimensions (or customize it if needed).

Remove screws from existing frame and glass in order to remove both of them; discard old hardware but keep any extra pieces just in case they come in handy later on down the line!

small bathroom renovations melbourne

Repurpose A Dresser For Storage

Dressers are a great way to repurpose storage, but they can also be used as bathroom vanities. You can also use a dresser as a bathroom medicine cabinet or jewelry cabinet, or even use it to hold towels and linens.

A dresser makes a good vanity because it has space for your mirror and sink and plenty of drawers for storing other items you may need in the bathroom. If you have an old chest that has sentimental value or is too large or heavy to move around easily, this is the perfect solution!

Use Recessed Shelving To Create Extra Space

Recessed shelving is an easy and affordable way to create extra storage space in a small bathroom. You can use it to store towels, toiletries and other essential items that you need on hand but don’t want to clutter up your countertop.

You can also use recessed shelving to hold cleaning supplies or household products like bath salts or hand soap. Some homeowners even install recessed shelves under the sink so they have room for shampoos and soaps without sacrificing any of their precious cabinet space!

Install A Shower Toilet Combo

You will have to install a sink and toilet combo. There are many models with a shower that can be installed. One of the best features is that they are designed to fit in small spaces, so you don’t need to worry about finding space for two separate units. The only downside is that they’re usually not very tall, which means it may not be ideal if you’re over 6 feet tall or if you want room for your kids’ toys in the bathroom.

Put In A Corner Sink To Save Space

If you’re working on mall bathroom renovations Melbourne, there’s no reason to feel limited in your design options. In fact, corner sinks are an ideal solution for maximizing the space available.

Aesthetically pleasing and practical, corner sinks are becoming increasingly popular among homeowners looking for a way to save on floor space while still enjoying all of the conveniences of a regular sink. Corner sinks are typically installed along one wall with their faucet extending into the center of the room so that it can be used from either side (or from behind). This allows more room for other fixtures like toilets and tubs that would otherwise take up valuable space near the edges of your bathroom.If you’re considering installing a new bath or shower in your home and want something different than what you see at big box stores—but don’t want to break your budget—consider using this tip!


We hope these ideas have given you some inspiration for your own bathroom project. If you’re looking to remodel your space, don’t hesitate to reach out and talk with experts!

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