When it comes to Holden wreckers Geelong, you need to be familiar with the different elements of the car. You should know how each component works and what happens when one of them breaks. Here’s a quick rundown on basic maintenance for your Holden Commodore:

Removing windshield wipers on Holden Commodore

  • To remove the wiper arms, you need to pull the arm from its hinge and then disconnect it from the motor.
  • You can slide off the blade by grabbing it firmly and pulling straight off its pivot point. Be careful not to damage or scratch anything as you do this!
  • Once you’ve removed both blades, there’ll be a wire connecting them together – simply unhook that wire and set it aside for now.
  • Now, remove any screws holding down any plastic covers around your motor assembly (not sure what yours looks like but ours is on top of our windscreen). Then remove those covers once they’re loosened up enough so that they can come off without breaking anything else in your car along with them (that would be bad). 

Removing the Holden Commodore door panels

  • Remove the door panels. The first step to removing your Holden Commodore door panels is to remove them from the vehicle, then remove all of the screws holding them in place.
  • Remove the window regulator. After you’ve removed the door panels, you’ll need to dismantle both sides of your window regulator before disconnecting and removing it from your vehicle’s bodywork and glass panel.
  • Dismantle your window regulator assembly and remove window glass from its housing (if applicable). This will involve dismantling any relevant parts of your Holden Commodore’s interior trim pieces as well as taking apart specific fixtures such as speakers or lights before accessing these components’ housings for further disassembly processes that may be necessary during removal/replacement activities involving other components such as speakers themselves being replaced simultaneously during this process since many times people don’t want just one thing done but multiple items changed at once so doing everything at once makes sense!

Dismantling the front end of a Holden Commodore

Dismantling the front end of a Holden Commodore is similar to that of other vehicles. You need to remove the air intake, front bumper, headlights, and radiator along with the fenders and hood. The process is not too complicated but can be time-consuming depending on how much work you want to do yourself.

holden wreckers Dismantling

Stripping the back end of a Holden Commodore

The job is much easier if you have a good set of wheel jacks and jack stands. If you have access to a hydraulic jack, be sure not to over-extend the hydraulic ram when lifting or lowering the vehicle. Hydraulic jacks can break, so please be careful!

With all four rear wheels removed, you can now remove the bolts that hold the rear axle in place. Once these bolts are removed, pull them out on each side of your axle assembly (they will be connected by two large pins) and slide them out from under your car. 

You will want to pay close attention here since some cars may have an additional cross-member that also needs to come off before you’re able to remove everything else in one piece.


We hope that this article has enlightened you about the different procedures involved in repairing and dismantling a Holden Commodore. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact holden wreckers Geelong and they will be happy to assist you.

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